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Old World Prints

Under the design direction of Julie Anne Holland, Old World Prints is the cornerstone of World Art Group.  What began over 30 years ago as a company rooted in historical and traditional art has grown into an ever-involving line combining Old World elegance with fresh innovative designs.  The products range from traditional to contemporary, starting with price-point driven posters and prints and open edition giclée to the higher quality signed and numbered limited edition giclée, hand-colored and hand-embellished prints.

New World Graphics

New World Graphics is the newest division of the company and is led by Design Director Jennifer Goldberger.  The line focuses on a price point driven market and offers posters and prints, and open edition giclée, across all styles and subject matter.  Its monthly release of new images showcases the talent of a growing number of artists from around the globe – fresh and trend forward are its hallmarks.

Vision Studio

Vision Studio is the in-house design and creative engine for Old World Prints, led by Design Director Julie Holland. Our senior designers, Jennifer Goldberger, Chariklia Zarris, Megan Meagher, Ethan Harper, Erica Vess, and Renee Stramel alongside our graphic artists, led by Kate Archie and supported by Jarman Fagalde and Alicia Ludwig, are a team of talented artists with advanced degrees in painting, printmaking, illustration, and textiles. Working in every medium, from digital illustration to oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage and pencil, they have the breadth and flexibility to fulfill the diverse needs and custom requests of our varied customers.  Their work spans all styles from traditional to contemporary; and all media, from prints and posters to giclée to hand painted originals.  In addition, they design proprietary lines for picture frame manufacturers, publishers, retailers, catalog companies, hospitality companies and various licensors around the world.

Our Products

Hand-Colored Prints

In the same way that the great artists of the 16th to 19th century applied color, the Old World Prints team brings a time-honored craft to the modern market. The black and white images are printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper (a “tree free” source) and are individually hand-colored using the finest European watercolors and gouaches.   Many prints are hand-embellished with crackle finishes, gold leafing, 24K gold pen, antique staining and washes, deckled edges and more-- a true combination of old world craftsmanship and fresh design innovations.

Hand-Embellished Prints

World Art Group’s hand embellished product line is a unique and refreshing approach to the typical print and poster.  Each piece is hand embellished using a variety of mediums and techniques to create three-dimensional artwork.  Since most prints are moisture resistant, no glass or mat board is required when framing.  We use one or a combination of the following on our hand embellished prints:

Gloss and Matte Gel Medium
Decoupage Decorative Paper
Metallic Accents
Metal Leafing
Stenciled Embellishments
Stains & Washes
Sculpture Media

Embellished techniques and mediums can be custom added to virtually any image in our collection on paper or canvas to enhance the image.  

Giclée Prints

Our highly skilled Vision Studio team has been producing giclée prints as long as any other art publisher within the U.S. An intricate process, each giclée print is printed one at a time and offers higher resolution than offset lithography and other digital printing processes. The result is stunning vibrancy, depth and realism-- print after print.

Any image in our line can be printed at any size up to 59” wide on canvas or paper, matte or gloss, to meet all budgets and design needs.

    Open Edition Giclée

Our open edition giclée line has unlimited edition runs and offers a wide range of styles from traditional prints to contemporary.  Open edition giclées are printed on affordable matte or gloss finish paper or can be printed on canvas.


    Signed Limited Edition Giclée

Our signed limited edition giclée line is our highest quality printed line.  Every print is signed by the artist, numbered, and printed on fine art paper.  Editions are limited to no more than 950 pieces.  We offer a wide range of styles from traditional landscapes and botanicals, to modern abstract pieces, and everything in between.  

Posters and Prints

All of our high-resolution images are printed on the finest quality art paper, with on- demand availability. These prints offer you the highest quality design at very attractive prices.


Virtually any of our images can be printed on clear acrylic.  Acrylic comes with pre-drilled holes and polished edges.  Stand offs are also available.

Canvas Prints

Virtually all of our images can be printed on either matte or gloss finish canvas up to 59” wide.  A gallery wrap border can be added to any image.  Gallery wrap borders are typically 3” wide and can be either a solid color or a mirrored image.  Standard canvas printing would be the specified image size plus 2” to 3” of white canvas border for stretching.

Paper Specifications

Hand-Colored Paper
·    100% Cotton rag folio paper
·    Archival
·    Paper is “tree free” and “chlorine free”
·    250 gsm
·    Colors available:  Cream, Tea Stained, White
·    Item #’s ending with “C” and “B” are printed on this paper.

Signed Limited Edition Giclée Paper
·    100% Cotton rag, “tree free”
·    Archival acid free paper
·    Coated for inkjet printers
·    290 gsm
·    Colors available: Bright White
·    Sizes available: Up to 44” wide
·    Item #’s ending with “FN” or “F” are printed on this paper

Open Edition Giclée Paper
·    Robust, 48 lb. Coated inkjet paper
·    Archival stability
·    180 gsm
·    Colors available: Bright White
·    Sizes available: Up to 44” wide
·    Item #’s ending with “Z” are printed on this paper

Glossy Giclée Paper
·    Glossy finish
·    8 mil
·    195 gsm
·    Sizes available: up to 59” wide
·    Item #’s ending with “GG” are printed on this paper

Giclée Gloss Canvas

·    Acid free poly-cotton blend
·    35% cotton, 65% polyester blend
·    Uniform high sheen gloss finish
·    21 mil
·    410 gsm
·    Sizes available:  Up to 59” wide

Giclée Matte Canvas
·    Acid free poly-cotton blend
·    35% cotton, 65% polyester blend
·    Matte Finish
·    17 mil
·    310 gsm
·    Sizes available:  Up to 59” wide

Inkjet Canvas
·    Acid free poly-cotton blend
·    35% cotton, 65% polyester blend
·    Matte water-resistant canvas
·    22 mil
·    410 gsm
·    Sizes available: Up to 44” wide

·    80 lb. cover
·    Smooth finish
·    Acid free for archival quality
·    Colors available: Bright White, Natural, Royal Silk Ivory, Sawgrass, Exact Index Ivory
·    Sizes available: 13” x 19” or 9.5”x 13”
·    Item #’s ending with “D” are printed on this paper

Lithograph Poster Paper
·    80 lb.  cover
·    96 brightness
·    7 mil
·    Silk finish
·    4 color process
·    Item #’s ending with “L” are printed on this paper

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